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Dec 08, 2009 · hi, I was wondering if i could get some ore tested and what it would cost to have it refined, I had resently accuired this so called rich gold ore from trinity county, i notice on some of the ore that there is silver looking metals and some gold looking material on it too. thank you shane

How to Test Ore or Rock for Gold Content

It is advisable first of all to examine the ore for visible gold and silver, the presence of which might influence the choice of a method of treatment. If no gold or native silver can be seen in the rock, take a representative sample of about 300 grams and grind it up to pass a No. 30 sieve.

How to Test Copper Purity Simply

Jun 30, 2017 · Distinguishing the authenticity of a conductor strand that is copper plated requires a simple scrape test. By removing the outer plating with a utility knife, you''ll be able to see the contrasting silver against the copper color. For a thicker gauge wire, simply cutting it in half will reveal the true composition of the strands.

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Jun 12, 2014 · Learn How To Test Silver Metal Shavings by checking out this link. Inside Metal Streak Test. For this method of testing silver that you suspect of being plated or of a different value than your initial tests suggested, you will test it much the same way you test the silver nondestructively with the scratch test.

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Jun 08, 2010 · How Can I Tell If Something is Made of Silver You don''t need to be wearing foundation to do that test folks. The mark you see on your skin occurs when certain metals, (i.e. gold, silver) come in contact with the copper that naturally is found in your body.

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How to Identify Silver Ore . It is easy to find silver containing rocks but how would you get the silver out of the rocks?John Jul 21, 2011. To find silver in a mine or in nature, »More detailed

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If you''ve ever wondered whether a gold piece is real gold or some other type of metal, you can find out without taking it to a jeweler or pawn shop. Using equipment and ingredients you already have, you can test the authenticity of gold with a very simple test conducted in your own kitchen.

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Genuine silver aka sterling silver is a beautiful and valuable metal that, with proper care, can last for many years. Because it is a soft metal, silver alone cannot be used to construct jewelry, flatware or other durable items. To compensate for its malleability, silver is often mixed with other metals.

How to Test Platinum Metal Sciencing

The higher the number in karats, the more platinum, gold or silver was used to make your piece of jewelry. To test your piece of jewelry and measure the karats, there are a few things you can use, including acids and electronic equipment. The instructions following are for testing platinum metal using an electronic tester.

How to Test Ore or Rock for Gold Content

how to test ore for silver:Dec 10 2012 · Testing and analyzing your ore to assay its gold and silver content How to assay and evaluate silver copper and lead ores Western men test for silver by heating the ore and dipping it into water Some metal comes to the surface in a greasy scum should silver

Simple DIY Metal Tests Including the Scotch Tape Test

This TIP contains a number of simple tests that you can perform at your desk without any special equipment. The results are more qualitative than quantitative but are useful nonetheless. References to industrystandard tests are included in case you want to investigate further. Adhesion. The well known Scotch Tape test. Using a sharp knife

How to Identify Pure Silver LEAFtv

How to Identify Pure Silver. By Michael Batton Kaput. luxury silver tray with elegant silver tea pot image by araraadt from Fotolia . Because of the high value of pure precious metals, efforts to pass off substandard impostors as the real thing are common. Silver is no exception. Many vendors try to sell imitation silver at the price of the

Gold & Silver Analysis Assay Office

Fire Assay gravimetric technique: Suitable for samples containing a high concentration of silver. However, accuracy is considerably less, due to silver losses that occur during the cupellation process. Simultaneous analysis of proof silver is carried out to quantify these losses and a correction applied to the recoveries to improve accuracy.

5 Proven Bullion Methods to Test Gold & Silver at Home

Learn how to test gold & silver at home with these 5 proven methods. These methods for testing gold & silver will confirm the authenticity of your precious metals. Just about all bullion investors worry about counterfeits. Those concerns are magnified when someone is buying for the first time. Test 3: Silver & Gold Magnet Test.

How can I identify raw silver/gold ore? Yahoo Answers

Aug 08, 2011 · How can I identify raw silver/gold ore? I was walking past an old silver mine (it shut about 5 years ago) and found some rocks (white and very easy to break) that had a blue/black metal in it that was very sparkly. I now would like to identify the metal. If anyone has a answer please comment. P.S. if you know how to identify gold

Gold test – is it real? Or fool''s gold? Goldbay

So lets start with the first part of the test that a lot of people overlook, and that test is the eyeball test. Does what you''re looking at actually look like gold? Or is it sparkly and the grayish or silver in color? Natural gold, looks like gold, it looks like jewelry, it''s a buttery yellow color, and it''s "soft looking".

How to Test for Gold Ore Sciencing

How to Test for Gold Ore The acid will turn the same color when the purity of the ore sample matches the test wire. Aqua regia dissolves gold, so do not put it directly on your sample. Repeat with higherkarat wire, if necessary, until the purity is determined. Things You''ll Need.

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Calaverite, or gold telluride, is an uncommon telluride of gold, a metallic mineral with the chemical formula AuTe 2, with approximately 3% of the gold replaced by silver was first discovered in Calaveras County, California in 1861, and was named for the county in 1868.. The mineral often has a metallic luster, and its color may range from a silvery white to a brassy yellow.

Platinum: The mineral native Platinum information and pictures

Platinum is the rarest and most expensive of the popular precious metals. It is much rarer then Gold. Due to its rarity and value, it is not readily available to mineral collectors and is seldom represented in in all but the highestend mineral collections.

Silver acid test color chart? Gold Refining Forum

May 27, 2016 · If silver plating is thick enough, a dozen tests wouldn''t reveal a plated item if you rely on testing just the surface. Alternately, most silver items are generally marked, albeit by some mystical code. If you can learn the markings and what they mean, you may not have to test unless you suspect the piece is not legitimate.

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Silver mining is the resource extraction of silver by mining. Silver is found in a native form very rarely as nuggets, but more usually combined with sulfur, arsenic, antimony, or chlorine and in various ores such as argentite (Ag 2 S), chlorargyrite ("horn silver," AgCl), and galena (a lead ore often containing significant amounts of silver

Chemical tests for the metal content of various ores

Silver: silver ores may be detected by dissolving a small quantity in a test tube with a few drops of nitric acid. Boil until all the red fumes disappear. Let the solution cool, and add a little water. Filter the whole, and add a few drops of muriatic acid, which will precipitate the white chloride of silver.

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Jun 17, 2007 · A good thing is that silver ore is generally true silver (on the contrary to other metals that get oxydized), so the test should work even if it''s ore, and not a real pure silver

How to Assay Gold & Silver Ore

If the ore is free of silica, mix in more silica or glass than otherwise would be added to an average ore. This preliminary examination is allimportant, as by its aid the proper additions are made whereby the gangue or waste is suspended in the form of slag, allowing the lead to alloy with and gather all the gold and silver contained in the

4 Ways to Tell if Gold Is Real wikiHow

Mar 25, 2020 · How to Tell if Gold Is Real. Gold is a valuable metal, so it is often imitated in fake jewelry and metal blends. By most international standards, anything consisting of less than 41.7%, or 10 karats of gold is considered to be fake. If you''re wondering whether your gold is real, the most reliable test

Sell Your Gold & Silver to Money Metals® (3 Easy Steps)

Silver is the most common item sold to Money Metals Exchange and here are a few tips that we''ve picked up along the way: Make sure to separate different types of coins/rounds before sending them in. Depending on what type of coin or round your silver is could change the

How to assay and evaluate silver, copper and lead ores

Silver: Silver is generally found in serpentine, trap, sandstone, limestone, shale, or porphyry rocks, the gangue being quartz, calc, fluorite, or barite.All silver ores are heavy, and many of them are sectile, i.e., may be cut with the knife. Western men test for silver by heating the ore and dipping it into water.

Silver: A native element, mineral, alloy, and byproduct

Most of the silver produced today is a byproduct of mining copper, lead, and zinc. The silver occurs within the ores of these metals in one of two ways: 1) substituting for one of the metal ions within the ore mineral''s atomic structure or, 2) occurring as an inclusion of native silver or a silver mineral within the ore

5 Proven Bullion Methods to Test Gold & Silver at Home

How to assay and evaluate silver, copper and lead ores

Fool''s Gold and Real Gold How to tell the difference

What Is Fool''s Gold? "Fool''s gold" is a common nickname for pyrite.Pyrite received that nickname because it is worth virtually nothing, but has an appearance that "fools" people into believing that it is gold.With a little practice, there are many easy tests that anyone can use to quickly tell the difference between pyrite and gold.

How to Test Gold

Procedures For Testing Gold, Platinum & Silver Using A Gold Testing Acid Kit: To test for the karat value of gold, platinum and silver, you will need the following materials and tools: Black acid testing Stone that is washed thoroughly with water prior to each test. Acids Gold testing needles with gold tips used for comparison with test

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how to test silver ore manufacturer in Shanghai, China. how to test silver ore is manufactured from Shanghai Xuanshi,It is the main mineral processing solutions.. XSM stone crushing machine projecthow to test silver ore. ShangHai XSM (how to test silver ore) are a professional production of stone crushing machine.Sales and Widely used in Europe, South America, Africa, East Asia and Asia region.

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Dec 10, 2012 · How to Test Silver Ore eHow . Ore is a variety of rock that contains precious metals.Silver ore is mined underground, and the silver must be extracted using heat, crushing methods and chemical »More detailed

How to Prospect for Silver Field Tests You Can Use to

How to Prospect for Silver Field Tests You Can Use to Detect the Hidden Metal. May 2006 by Dr. Ralph E. Pray. Don''t bother eyeballing that rock for silver! Even if it''s high grade you''ll not see the familiar dime or quarter coin color.

How To Test Gold – 5 DIY Ways To Spot Fake Gold

Jul 24, 2014 · The Acid Test. All precious metals can be tested through the use of an acid test that will only harm fake materials. Genuine gold will stand up to your attempt to conduct a nitric acid test at home. Make a tiny mark on the piece of gold to penetrate the surface. Drop a small amount of liquid nitric acid on that scratch and wait for a chemical

How To Test Silver Silver Testing Test Acids For Silver

Silver can be found in nature in silver ore, silver ore is a mixture of other metals including silver. Jewellery and silverware are traditionally made from sterling silver (standard silver), an alloy of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper.

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Dec 28, 2011 · Found a bunch of stuff this morning, and these two nuggets have me confused. They seem a bit heavy, maybe lead? how can I tell for sure?Also several coins, a small pendant (need to determine if silver as well), a wheatie, and 50 centavo piece.The silver pieces are not magnetic. So that test